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Time1 Day

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K-Taping Women’s Health

The K-Taping Women’s Health course is aimed to midwives and gynaecologists and has been specially developed for the field of gynaecology and obstetrics.

With the K-Taping techniques learned here, pregnant women can be supported effectively and without medication throughout the entire pregnancy. In addition, you will learn K-Taping techniques that can be used after childbirth, for recovery and for support during lactation.

Learn about the integration of K-Taping Therapy especially in the treatment and care around the pregnancy.

K-Taping courses have a high practical share in which the participants practice the techniques at each other. The learning control takes place during the practical exercises by our experienced instructors. This will enable you to include the K-Taping Therapy in your treatment right after the course. The high-quality and detailed coloured course book contains all presented techniques and indications and serves you after the course as extensive practical handbook.


It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes for dressing and undressing during the practical exercises as well as to bring a towel to the underlay.

Course content

Part 1Theory

General basics of K-Taping therapy

The basic techniques

Application of basic techniques, indication related combination rules, Crosstaping, basic rules of lymphatic techniques

Part 2Practice

Application of K-Taping techniques for indications in gynecology, support during pregnancy and after birth and recovery following the pregnancy.

Part 3Pregnancy

Lumbar spine syndrome, sacro-iliac joint, carpal tunnel syndrome, tension of the neck muscles during pregnancy

Support of the abdomen

Swelling of the legs

Symphyseal relaxation

Treatment of acupuncture points for birth preparation with Crosstaping

Part 4After birth

Remission, congestion, mastitis, scar tissue on cesarean section

Tension of the neck muscles after delivery

Posture correction

Recovery of the abdominal muscles and correction of rectus diastase

Part 5Gynecological diseases

Menstrual problems, micturition problems

Uterine prolapse

Aftercare of the scars in breast cancer and uterine cancer

Part 6Course evaluation

Course evaluation


9:00 AM – 6:00 PM