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12 Energies

The 12 Energies therapy is a meridian therapy that was developed 20 years ago in Japan in cooperation with the K-Taping Academy. The special techniques of the 12 Energies therapy helps to neutralize, improve and harmonize the energy flow of meridians. Disruptions of the meridional flow can lead to tension and pain, influence the internal organs and change the body shell. It can support the lymphatic drainage, but also the preventive regeneration.

By applying the standardized gripping techniques of 12 Energies therapy, the therapist can:

  • have a specific influence on structures
  • to treat the whole body
  • Find vulnerabilities
  • Support pain therapies
  • support the lymphatic drainage
  • Improve healing and regeneration

The harmonization of the meridional flow leads to the following aesthetic effects:

  • to restore tissue tension
  • Tightening of the skin and connective tissue
  • to a visible and perceptible vitalization of the whole body and mind
  • Increased load capacity
  • Increased concentration ability
  • for a restful sleep

The 12 Energies therapy is thus a good introduction to meridian therapy without previous knowledge of Meridian. Through the standardized treatments, the therapist can learn the course of the meridians. The therapist learns the different tissue tensions and feels for the meridians and acupuncture points as well as the connection between meridians and organs.

12 Energies has a high practical share in which participants practice on each other the treatment. The learning control takes place during the practical exercises by our experienced instructors. This will enable you to incorporate the 12 Energies Therapy after the course into your treatment.

The high quality and detailed colored course book contains all treatment procedures and serves you after the course as a practice manual.


For the course, therapeutic knowledge is beneficial but not mandatory.


It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes for dressing and undressing during the practical exercises as well as to bring a towel to underlay.

Course content

Part 1Theory

Basics and effects of the 12 Energies therapy

History and basics of the meridians

Part 2  

Theory and practice of the treatment of the head

Part 3  

Theory and practice of treating the back

Part 4  

Theory and practice of treating the legs

Part 5  

Theory and practice of treatment of the abdomen and chest

Part 6  

Theory and practice of treating the arms

Part 7  

Theory and practice of facial treatment

Part 8  

Execution of the whole body treatment

Part 9  

Course evaluation


9:00 AM – 6:00 PM