TypeOnsite Course
Time2 days
Course Fee450€

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K-Taping Speech and Language Pathology

The K-Taping Speech and Language Pathology course is aimed to speech and language pathologists.

In the K-Taping Speech and Language Pathology Course, various techniques are used to present all the basic techniques and associated combination techniques for indications that are frequently used in your professional everyday life. In addition, the basic techniques for the application of Crosstape are presented and learned in practical exercises.

By participating the K-Taping Speech and Language Pathology course, you will get to know how to use the K-Taping Therapy for many diseases with following techniques:

  • Muscle techniques
  • Ligament techniques
  • Fascia techniques
  • Lymphatic techniques

K-Taping courses have a high practical share in which the participants practice the techniques at each other. The learning control takes place during the practical exercises by our experienced instructors. This will enable you to include the K-Taping Therapy in your treatment right after the course. The high-quality and detailed colored course book contains all presented techniques and indications and serves you after the course as extensive practical handbook.


The course requires anatomical and therapeutic knowledge. Participants should therefore have a therapeutic or medical education. Students undergoing training in therapeutic and medical careers may also attend the course.

The course fee includes the extensive color script as well as the K-Tape and Crosstape for the practical exercises.


It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes for dressing and undressing during the practical exercises as well as to bring a towel to the underlay.

Course content

Part 1Theory

Basics and effects of K-Taping therapy

The basic techniques

Application of basic techniques, indication related combination rules, CROSSTAPE, lymphatic techniques

Part 2Muscle techniques  

General basics of a muscular techniques

Muscle techniques

Shoulder / neck:
M. trapezius, M. scalenus anterior/medius, M. sternocleidomastoideus, M. semispinalis capitis

M. pectoralis minor, M. pectoralis major, M. serratus anterior, M. erector spinae, M. transversus abdominis

M. orbicularis oris, M. buccinator, M. zygomaticus major, M. mentalis, M. depressor labii inferioris, M. levator labii superioris, M. frontalis, M. orbicularis oculi, Erector Spinae

Suprahyal musculature:
M. geniohyoideus, M. digastricus venter anterior, M. mylohyoideus, M. sternohyoideus

Part 3Ligament techniques  

General basics of a ligament technique

Ligament techniques

Spacetape, scar tape

Part 4Fascia correction techniques  

General principles of a fascia correction techniques

Fascia correction

Upright posture tape

Part 5Indication techniques  

Indication techniques

Sinusitis / rhinitis, nasal breathing, respiratory support, reflux, stabilization mandible, jaw opening, jaw closure, facial palsy, tongue retraction, activation of the floor of the mouth



Application of CROSSTAPING using various examples

Part 7Course evaluation  

Course evaluation


9AM – 6PM

Certificate • IKTP(SL)