K-Taping Academy

The K-Taping Academy

Over the last 18 years, K-Taping therapy has been established in more than forty countries around the world, starting with the K-Taping Academy in Germany, and has become an integral part of treatment.

The excellent feedback from our worldwide courses is due to the careful selection and training of our instructors. The K-Taping Academy does not sell instructors training, but specifically seeks out new instructors and trains them personally. Only therapists and physicians with professional experience and experience in the use of K-Taping therapy are selected as instructors. This guarantees that not only the use of the K-Tapes will be learned, but also the interaction of the K-Taping Therapy and the respective treatment is in focus. Especially the conventional therapy and the appropriate use of K-Taping therapy leads to successful treatment.

The periodic international meetings of the instructors always lead to new treatment concepts that are included into the courses after testing and evaluation. It is important to the K-Taping Academy that we develop a uniform international education. Among other reasons, this is the main reason why the K-Taping Academy is internationally accepted and accepted by many professional associations.

We offer the courses in the respective national languages.


The K-Taping Therapy and the training of the K-Taping Academy have not only been approved in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for many years. They are also accredited by associations in Australia, France, Croatia, Canada, the USA, Kuwait, Argentina, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Hong Kong. Participants receive their continuing education credentials, and in many cases training may be provided via sponsorship programs, such as Bildungsscheck NRW, education vouchers or other support programs.


Those who would like to use the diverse application possibilities of this effective therapy method should definitely complete the training of the K-Taping Academy. The exact execution of the different techniques, the special features in the handling of the elastic K-tape and the right body position of the patient or athlete for the treatment are learned only in the practical exercises of training under the guidance of experienced instructor. This is how an elastic tape becomes a unique instrument that effectively supports the therapist, the doctor and the athletic trainer.

Quality management

An important goal of the K-Taping Academy is to ensure the high standard of our training in long term and to maintain the continuous improvement process. Therefore, we decided 4 years ago to introduce the quality management system according to DIN ISO 9001 and have been certified TÜV South.

ISO 9001