Meridian therapies

The K-Taping Academy and partners have very successfully enhanced Meridian treatments over the past years. From these treatments the courses 12 energies and Meridian screening were developed.


12 energies

This involves treatment of the meridians. The treatment technique frees up the meridians so that energy can flow normally again. Regions, such as the head or arm, can be treated individually. For the entire meridian flow to return to normal, it is recommended that the entire body be treated. It is also possible to only treat parts of the body though. Problems along the course of the meridians can be detected and improved long-term using this standardised treatment. 12 energies  is already being applied with great success in Austria and France.

Participants receive high-quality coloured course notes, including an overview of the meridians.

Prerequisite:therapist / medical training, no previous knowledge of meridians required

Duration: 2 days

Certification: IKTP(12E) Certificate by the International K-Taping Academy

Fees: Regular – USD 450.00
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12 energies

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