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The K-Taping Academy has developed the EquiK-Taping therapy over the course of the last few years. In collaboration with their partners, such as the French Military Academy (École Polytechnique - Palaiseau) near Paris, they have successfully applied this therapy form to a series of injured competitive sport horses.
The documentation and results of the treatment techniques performed clearly demonstrate that, when using the correct material, a therapist with EquiK-Taping therapy training can obtain the same levels of success as seen in humans.
The different taping techniques in EquiK-Taping act on the proprioceptors in muscles, ligaments and joints. They are able to affect muscle tension, joint tracking and stabilisation. Additionally, the lifting up of the tissues underneath the tape clearly improves blood and lymphatic circulation. This stimulates self-healing mechanisms.

Areas of use include:
patella correction, scapular correction, irritation of the superficial flexortendons, irritation of the extensor tendons, strained muscles, posturalcorrection, bone spavin, nuchal ligament, SIJ problems, carpal bursitis, olecranon bursitis, annular ligament disorders, rib fractures / bruising,problems with the saddle position / withers, pathological problems in the muscles of mastication, treatment of scars, drainage of the limbs and lots more.

Duration: 2 days

The taping techniques will be practised on a horse.

Certification: Certificate by the International K-Taping Academy

Fees: Regular – USD 450.00
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