K-Taping basic courses

K-Taping basic courses do not require previous taping knowledge. All K-Taping Academy courses feature consistent quality and a high amount of practical exercises. The instructors have many years of experience.


K-Taping Pro

The K-Taping professional course for physiotherapists, sport physiotherapists and physicians.

Theory: Basic principles of the K-Taping therapy. The 4 taping techniques, use of the basic taping techniques, combination rules related to specific indications,Cross-Taping, lymphatic correction tapes.

Practice: The application of K-Taping therapy for a large number of medical conditions using muscle, ligament, corrective and fascia correction taping techniques as well as all lymphatic correction taping techniques.
Tapes for the following indications will be presented, amongst others:
tinnitus, migraine, impingement syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, whiplash, ventilatory support, scoliosis, low back pain, jaw, facial nerve paralysis,carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis of the 1st CMC joint, finger rotation, finger extension, finger contusion, stabilisation of the wrist, hip problems,arthritis of the knee, achillodynia, sprained ankle, splay feet (pestransversoplanus), flat feet (pes planus), micturition disorders, menstrualconditions, prolapse of the uterus, constipation, abdominal spiral, irritablebowel syndrome, fracture/bruising of the ribs, arm rotation, leg rotation, scar tape.

Nerve techniques,lymphatic correction techniques

Prerequisite: therapist / medical training

Duration: 2 days

Certification: IKTP(P) Certificate by the International K-Taping Academy

Fees: Regular – USD 450.00

Recognised as refresher courses to renew the German back class teacher licence
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K-Taping Pro

K-Taping Gynaecology

K-Taping Gynaecology course for gynaecologists and midwives

Who should attend?
Midwives, gynecologists, physical therapists (Women’s Health),
registered nurses and health professionals specializing
in gynecology.

Course Content
Indications for taping during pregnancy: Low back pain,
SIJ syndrome, Carpal tunnel syndrome, tension in the neck,
abdominal support, edema in the legs, instability of
the pubic symphysis.

Childbirth: Preparing for childbirth, Crosspuncture®.
After childbirth: Postnatal recovery, engorgement, scar
tape following a cesarean section, tension in the neck muscle
following birth, postnatal recovery of the ab dominal muscles
and diastasis recti.

Gynecological conditions: Menstrual problems, micturition
problems, prolapse of the uterus, postoperative care of scars
following breast cancer and uterine cancer.

Prerequisite:therapist / medical training

Duration: 2 day

Certification: IKTP(W) Certificate by the International K-Taping Academy

Fees: Regular – USD 450.00
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K-Taping Gynaecology

K-Taping Lymphatics

The K-Taping Lymphatics course is directed towards lymphatic therapists and therapists / physicians who work in the lymphatic therapy field.

Drainage of the upper body, upper/lower limbs, trunk and abdomen when lymphnode chains are either intact or defective. For the complex regional painsyndrome and fibrosis as well.

Prerequisite: therapist / medical training

Duration: 2 day

Certification: IKTP(LY) Certificate by the International K-Taping Academy

Fees: Regular – USD 450.00
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K-Taping Lymphatics

K-Taping International Academy

The K-Taping Academy offers internationally standardised training, certification upon completion of courses and is a professional partner on completion of training through its specialist forum, list of therapists, mentoring and much more.


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