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Do kinaesthetic tapes affect...

Do kinaesthetic tapes affect plantarflexor muscle performance?
1Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, School of Health & Social Sciences, Klagenfurt, Austria, 2Medical University and
General Hospital of Vienna, Department for Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Vienna, Austria, and 3University of
Castilla-La Mancha, Faculty of Sports Sciences, Toledo, Spain
(Accepted 12 July 2012)
This study aimed to examine the effects of application of kinaesthetic tapes on plantarflexor muscle performance. We
hypothesised that taping of the triceps surae muscle would improve plantarflexor muscle strength and endurance with no
significant effect on drop jump performance. Using a repeated-measures design, all performance measures were obtained in
24 volunteers on two separate occasions: without tapes and after application of kinaesthetic tapes. Performance tests
included measurements of isometric plantarflexor muscle strength and the associated electromyographic activity of the
gastrocnemius muscle, an isokinetic fatigue resistance test (30 contractions at 1808 ! s71) and assessments of drop jump
performance. The taping-intervention was associated with an increase in gastrocnemius electromyographic activity.
However, significant increases in isometric strength were only found at fully dorsiflexed ankle positions (þ12% at 7208).
Strength gains were negatively correlated to baseline strength (r ¼ 7.58). The intervention did not affect the results of the
isokinetic fatigue and drop jump tests. The application of kinaesthetic tapes over the triceps surae muscle promotes an
increase in isometric strength and gastrocnemius muscle activity. Our data suggest that these effects are joint-angle
dependent and more prominent in weaker individuals. By contrast, the taping-intervention improves neither drop jump
performance nor muscular endurance.
Keywords: isometric strength, drop jump, reactive strength, fatigue resistance
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Do kinaesthetic tapes affect...

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