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K-Taping in daily therapy

K-Taping supports an extraordinary wide spectrum of treatment forms and is an effective tool for every therapist and physician.
The application techniques and treatment concepts developed by the K-Taping Academy have made K-Taping therapy an integral part of daily treatment in many practices.
In order to effectively use K-Taping therapy to its full extent, K-Taping therapists have to complete our training courses. Only then are they entitled to use the title K-Taping therapist.

K-Taping in sport and competitive sport

The K-Taping therapy was first used for professional sports. Nowadays, we see K-Tapes being used in both professional and amateur sport.
K-Tapes can be seen during the Olympic Games as well as the Soccer World Cup and the European Championship. K-Tapes have become an integral part of modern professional sport.
The K-Taping Academy has trained a large number of international sport association therapists and physicians and is responsible for the treatment of athletes from many countries.


K-Taping follow-up care concept after breast cancer

The K-Taping Academy has developed a concept for follow-up care after breast cancer that supports lymphatic therapy long-term.
The K-Taping Academy is currently carrying out a study on this follow-up care concept in collaboration with the Research Department of the Charité Hospital in Berlin (Germany). This will be completed during the course of this year.

K-Taping in paediatrics

K-Taping therapy seven being used in the treatment of young children, the youngest of which are newborns. This treatment form enables trained K-Taping therapists to positively influence the structures in children´s bodies during their difficult treatment and support their treatment effectively long-term. The consistent high quality of the K-Tapes and the correct application of the elastic K-Tapes based on our teachings guarantee that even the sensitive skin of newborns can be treated without problem.


K-Taping in logopädic

K-Taping during and after pregnancy

During pregnancy, the use of the K-Taping therapy taught can provide relief to pregnant women and positively influence the course of the pregnancy. Another important area of use is postnatal.

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K-Taping in occupational therapy

The experience gained from the treatment of neurological disorders and in neurological rehabilitation clinics using the K-Taping therapy means that K-Taping therapy is now a permanent fixture in modern occupational therapy as well. It is particularly the gentle impulses of the K-Taping therapy during rehabilitation that positively support the long-term treatment of patients.


K-Taping in geriatric medicine

The K-Taping therapy has been used very successfully for many years in the field of geriatrics, in particular, to support joints and improve mobility, relieve pain and also to treat incontinence.
In many modern geriatric facilities, K-Taping is part of the daily clinical work.

K-Taping in everyday life

The K-Taping Academy,in collaboration with the company biviax, has developed simple-to-use K-Tape applications called K-Tape for me. Anyone can apply K-Tape for me by following the enclosed set of instructions. Knowledge of anatomy is not a must as we have made sure that only those indications have been chosen where the structures are easy to find and the tape can be applied using simple techniques.

K-Tape for me is available for the following indications:

- back pain
- wrist pain
- knee pain
- ankle pain
- menstrual pain
- bladder disorders
- tension in the shoulders and neck
- haematomas

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