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The K-Taping Therapy

K-Taping supports an extraordinary wide spectrum of treatment forms and is an effective tool for every therapist, physician or athletic trainer. Neither medication nor active ingredients are needed to achieve this. The desired effects are solely obtained using the correctly applied taping technique in combination with the elastic K-Tapes specially developed for the K-Taping therapy.



Originating in the K-Taping Academy in Germany, K-Taping therapy has become an established fixture in almost forty countries across the world and an integral part of treatment. Even though this treatment method has undergone massive developments in the previous years and the K-Taping Academyhas successfully conducted a variety of studies with partners suchas the Research Department of the Charité Hospital in Berlin (Germany), thismethod calls for further experimentation and research in a number of fields.

K-Taping is not a fad. Rather, based on the years of work, research and studies carried out by the K-Taping Academy, this form of treatment has become widely recognised internationally. This international recognition is based on the well-founded and standardised training offered internationally by the K-Taping Academy in the language native to the respective country. 


K-Taping therapy and the training courses run by the K-Taping Academy have not only been recognised in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for many years; the K-Taping Academy is also accredited by professional associations in Australia, France (SFMKS), Croatia and Canada. Participants are credited with their continuing education points. In many cases, financial support is available for training via incentive programmes such as the "Bildungsscheck NRW" in Germany, educational vouchers or other incentive programmes.


The K-Taping Academy training is an absolute must for those who wish to use this effective method of treatment and take advantage of its many areas of use. There is only one way to learn how to apply the different techniques precisely, become familiar with the special features when dealing with the elastic K-Tape and learn how to position the patient or athlete correctly for treatment: the practical exercises during the training courses run by experienced instructors. This turns the elastic tape into a unique instrument effective in assisting therapists, physicians, athletic trainers.

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The K-Taping Therapy

K-Taping International Academy

The K-Taping Academy offers internationally standardised training, certification upon completion of courses and is a professional partner on completion of training through its specialist forum, list of therapists, mentoring and much more.


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